MCOO offers the community a variety of services to anyone who is in need within the community. Services range from counseling and mentorship, food, clothing and school supply drives, soup kitchens, transportation vouchers (as needed), community clean-up, just to name a few. We also offer services specifically targeted groups of individuals.All Volunteers/participants must have a criminal background check as well as periodic drug screening in order to participate with our delicate youth. We will also meet with our youth and their parent(s) in order to receive feedback, follow up, and assure that our volunteers are following all protocol. In the months to come, MCOO will launch several programs to add to its array of direct services.  

New Beginning A program geared towards the family. This is a comprehensive program that helps the family as whole by providing services that will allow them to succeed as a family unit.

Foot Soldiers A 3-months program geared towards helping single men and women 18+ realize, plan, and achieve their goals.

Second Chance This program is specially designated to troubled youth that want to turn their lives around. Targeting youth that are struggling to succeed due to chronic suspension, juvenile arrest, runaways, and drug addiction.

Little Buddies This program is targeted to elementary students with a primary focus on mentorship through the buddy system allowing established women and men the opportunity to choose a little buddy to mentor.

Male Youth Development  This project is designed to effectively address the specific needs of boys   and will assist them in transitioning from boyhood to manhood.

Female Youth Development This project is designed to effectively address the specific needs of girls and our goal is to increase girls’ self-worth, body   image, and social support.