About Us


What We're Doing

We kicked off 2017 with Building Young Business Owners (BYOB). This workshop focused on the youth between ages 10-17, teaching them how to break-down and start a business plan. We also focused on teaching the community financial literacy. In September we started our series of financial literacy workshops. These workshops focused on teaching money management, and what effects an individual’s credit.

2018  came into the year with our Dreambox-Vision Board workshop, where we discussed our goals for this year, and what steps to to take to accomplish them. We're also continuing our bi-monthly financial literacy workshops.

This will be our year of "first," as we are having a diverse of events for the first time. Just to name a few, we're having our Prom Drive, Young, Fly, Fashionable, Kids fashion show (fundraiser), Back to school drive, and  A Very Marks Christmas giveaway.


Meet the Founder

Amber Raymond

The Founder/Visionary of Marks Community Outreach Organization is Amber Raymond. She enjoys meditating, and reading.

"My goal in life is to aspire to inspire."