About Us

Marks Community Outreach Organization was created on February 21, 2012 as a Florida Non-Profit organization, and funded with an initial gift from its founder, Amber Raymond.  Since then it has received donations from sources across the United States. Marks Community Outreach Organization is incorporated in the State of Florida and is seeking non-profit status.  In order to meet the mandate of the Founder, and the population MCOO was created to serve, MCOO is divided into three divisions. 

  1. The Health and Wellness Division
  2. .The Education and Training Division.
  3. The Children, Youth, and Families Division

MCOO provides mentoring, counseling, and tutoring programs for the community. The organization will form partnerships with other agencies in the tri-county areas.  The individual/families are matched with a caring adult volunteer who is trained to focus on positive reinforcement, and the achievement of goals, by engaging in one on one meeting. Ongoing training will continue with mentors counselors and tutors on individual case management throughout the year. In addition MCOO will have monthly mentor, counseling, tutoring support meetings.

The goal is to broaden the scope and services of Marks Community Outreach Organization. The operative word to guide our hearts and endeavors is COMPASSION for those who are hurting and the PASSION to make a difference in their lives.